In Heaven To Forever Keep

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In Heaven To Forever Keep

Post by Mickey Pig Knuckles on Tue Jan 27, 2009 11:15 am

smily2 In Heaven To Forever Keep smily2

With tears he looked up to his daddy
and gently pulled down on his sleeve
saying that he dearly loves him
and he does not want him to leave.
Thank you my son I love you too
we've got to get back home soon
I have enjoyed this time together
with you on this warm afternoon.

I will always do my very best
to help you grow up right
I always enjoy the quality times
we spend together at night.
Arriving home I hugged him
and then gave my son a kiss
being together as a family
fills our hearts with this bliss.

Parking the car as we got out
and slowly walked up to the door
hearing the telephone ringing
seeing my wife walk across the floor.
Positive thoughts were changed by this call
Doctor Cash. is the one on the phone
a fear to hear his spoken words
about the cancer thats deep in his bones.

Doctor Cash. I was afraid to get this call
fearing you'll say I'm going to die
I have been waiting for this call
while trying my best not to cry.
"My dear friend I have to say this
I've been doing this quite a few years
I still can't find a better way
without breaking down in tears.

Your results are back and they are bad
they are the worst I've ever seen
there is no one to help you my friend
no one and no way to intervine."
Just how long Doctor do I have?
Sad tears pouring from my eyes.
" I cannot say a year or less
it will happen by sudden surprise.

This type of cancer quickly spreads
and its gotten way out of hand
there is no way that I can explain
just how quickly it may expand.
I am so sorry my dear friend
I have done all that I can
please pray to God and let him know
that you are a special man.

I know some good folks offering hospices
they can help your family be at ease
I want you to know I care about you
so call me my friend if you please."
I hung up the phone feeling real sad
with a heavy weight inside my core
thinking of my life upon this earth
please give me just a few years more.

I saw a vision of my son getting married
with an empty seat left for me
my wife alone to journey through life
enough with these visions I see.
My son and wife are both the best
I love them both dear and true
how will they manage without me?
What can they possibly do?

An brief evil thought of ending my life
without notice, a warning or word
my thoughts of family in the morning
realizing I could not be stirred.
I could not leave my son or wife
a departure in this kind of way
we all came together holding hands
and we bowed our heads to pray.

We thank you God for giving us life
and for sharing with us your love
our family will be together again
for eternity in heaven above.
We hear you calling out my name
from up in heaven so high above
knowing you want your best Angel back
to have, to hold and to love, Amen.

My precious family I have to leave
its our fear that is coming true
I want you happy and smiling for me
I do not want you feeling blue.
Even though now I have to go
and leave behind my family
I know one day you'll be with me
forever through eternity...

Penned By James

Penned By Mickey Pig Knuckles

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion.

Quote: The Best And Most Beautiful Thing In The World Canít Be Seen Or Touched.
It Must Be Felt With Your Heart...
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