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Below is the short story that Dublin was trying to help me with. I was writing it and she was doing a good job telling me how I could improve. Thinking back I wonder how much pain she was in when she talked with us to give the writers good adivise? Hopefully I will finish this story.


Her thoughts raced wildly as she maneuvered the car in and out of traffic. Had anything gone wrong? Louise had tried her best to make sure her parents were safe from the storm. The seniors of the area were congregated in the recently renovated century old church. Steel beams had been placed all around with a canopy for protection from wind, snow or sleet. There should have been no fear of storm.

Earlier in the day her mother had called her cell phone. “The storm is coming!” her mother had told her. “Your dad and I will be safe here with the others. We have faith.” This put her mind at ease to continue with her job at the newspaper. Little did she realize her parents would become her own front page headlines in the evening news?

After a few detours, because of fallen trees and electrical polls, she finally came to 50th and Vine, the street the church was on. To her amazement she saw houses flattened, many trees down, signs strung everywhere and the century old church with the canopy was still in tack. “Amazing!” Louise said aloud as she stopped her car to get out. Camera in hand she started taking many pictures of the debris around her. She looked toward the church and there stood about ten seniors waving their hands. Not one seemed to be upset or hurt. Louise starts to walk up to the group and spots her mother and father. “Hey Mom! Hey Dad!” She shouts. “Is everyone ok? Is there anyone hurt in the church?”

“No honey! No one is hurt.” Mrs. Miller, Louise’s mother a tiny framed gray haired lady replied. “We are all safe and secure here. Your dad used a large flashlight and read us bible scriptures while the storm was howling outside. We all wanted to come outside and see what was going on.”

"Don’t let your mother kid you Louise!” her loving blue-eyed dad replied. “Your mother sat within a circle among the group and sang beautiful hymns while we were all praying to the Heavenly Father for our safe keeping.” Then Mr. Miller smiles at his daughter with one of those kinds of smiles that Louise remembered as she was growing up. A smile Louise would recognize as always bringing a surprise to her when she had been a good little girl.

Louise began to wonder what in the world her father was up to. “Dad, what have you found inside the church?” she asks her father. To Louise’s amazement Mr. Miller pulls out a small ball of fur. “It is a kitten dad!” she exclaims.

“Yes, honey. Remember the kitten that drowned the day we had the flood so many years ago? I told you then not to shed any more tears because someday you would find another kitten just like her. And here she is ready for you to take home to your new apartment!” Mr. Miller gives his daughter the tiny yellow ball of fur.

“But, dad!” Louise tells her father. “The landlord of the apartments does not allow pets in the building.”

"He does now honey. I have changed the rules. I was thinking about something during the storm when I picked up the wet and cold kitten. God has created pets for humans to love and take care of and this one needs a good home. I remembered how sad you were when your little kitten died so many years ago. God sent a new one for you now."

"Thank you dad. You are a wonderful man and I love you.” Louise said as she gave her father a hug and kiss. “And dad can we name this little ball of fur Storm?”

The headlines of the local newspaper’s evening edition read as follows:

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